Emerge Wellness Center is a full solution, private practice of Monica Rasheeda Bey. A Certified Reiki Master, Kundalini Master, Hypnotist, Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Intuitive and Teacher with many years of experience, she offers a very unique approach to helping people and always puts her clients first. She remains focused on the goals of her clients and takes an analytical and compassionate approach to finding solutions through some very powerful techniques.  She uses techniques that she has learned and many of which she has developed herself. She marries all of these techniques seamlessly for incredible and miraculous results.

Monica’s mission is to provide the proper assistance to her clients to help them make their desired changes. She is passionate about helping people improve their lives and gain momentum with positive growth and overall well-being. She is extremely talented and is an outside-the-box thinker, who is successful at getting to the root of issues quickly and implementing the appropriate solutions. Through the use of her techniques, Monica’s clients are members of a rapidly growing family of people like you–people who are destined to achieve all they want in life and are steadily seeing their dreams come true right before their eyes.

Emerge Wellness Center serves clients all over the country and even internationally. All appointments are done remotely over the phone or through Skype, which allows clients everywhere access to quality assistance in the emergence of their future selves from the comfort of their home!